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try 3 - 6 word story.
Live life, it'll always goes on.
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6 word story, try 2
fearing growing up, losing flying ability.
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6 word story
"I'm sorry." Car crash. Died instantly.
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Keys to the soul,
Past the mask,
To the hidden behind.
A glimmer of hope,
A smirk,
Hoping to cause a laugh.
A smile in return.
There is darkness behind the eyes,
Not hope, not really.
The most real emotion.
Can you even begin to understand?
What my soul is?
What i am?
Who i am?
:iconmidnight---rose:Midnight---Rose 1 0
Love me?
I love him, does he love me?
The boy, of which I never see.
I love him more than words can say.
No boundaries. No limits.
I can swear I love you a million times,
But there's no reply.
I love him, does he love me?
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You can break my heart.
But I won't hide my tears.
That's your punishment, dearest.
My tears, will be your torture,
Pure, true, painful.
You can break my heart,
But my tears will break you,
They'll seep to the very centre of your heartless soul.
You brought this pain upon yourself.
You broke my heart.
:iconmidnight---rose:Midnight---Rose 0 0
Shadows of you, in places you once were.
A whisper of your soul,
Left, behind.
Shadows of you, in places you once were.
A darkness overhanging over, today
And tomorrow, all from yesterday.
Shadows of you, in places you once were.
Shadows of you, in places you never graced.
Shadows of you, attached to
Not a place, but a person.
Shadows of you, attached to me.
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How do you fix a broken heart?
Forever and always,
No more.
How do you fix a broken heart?
Shattered in an instance.
You shredded the shards.
How do you fix a broken heart?
You ripped the pieces.
You crumpled the scraps.
How do you fix a broken heart?
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Mature content
Feeling :iconmidnight---rose:Midnight---Rose 0 0
Mature content
Wrong :iconmidnight---rose:Midnight---Rose 1 0
Used to
We used to be best friends.
You hurt me.
We used to know each other like sisters.
You betrayed me.
We used to know each others houses better than our own.
You abandoned me.
We used to be close.
You let me cry, alone.
We used to be something good.
You ruined that.
We used to be something i thought would last forever.
Now i cant stand to see you.
:iconmidnight---rose:Midnight---Rose 0 2
The ceilings blank.
Outside the sky is dark.
I lie there in the silent hell.
And and i wonder why?
Why does the world go round?
Why does the sun go down?
Why do people come and go?
Why do the wild winds blow?
Why must these tears leave me eyes?
Why did i not get to say goodbye?
:iconmidnight---rose:Midnight---Rose 1 0
Broken Hearts.
From broken hearts,
To broken smiles.
I'm dying inside,
Not that you see.
You don't want to,
Nor do you try.
From broken hearts,
To broken smiles.
I'm dying inside,
Because of you.
:iconmidnight---rose:Midnight---Rose 0 0
Stabbed in the back?
Try stabbed in the front.
Try being chosen second. Never first.
Try being left. Alone.
Try being unimportant.
Try being hurt, and
Try being forgotten, by the one you love.
Right in front of your eyes.
Try being stabbed in the front.
Try moving on.
Try hating.
It doesnt stop the hurt.
:iconmidnight---rose:Midnight---Rose 1 0
They leave you in the dark,
They leave you in the unknown,
They leave you alone,
They leave you in this world,
To fending for yourself, independent .
They leave you in your cocoon,
To become you.
They leave you hidden,
From the world's evils.
They leave you safe,
But you're corrupted by loneliness.
:iconmidnight---rose:Midnight---Rose 0 0
Do you remember your words?
It was a long time ago.
I dont blame, if you dont.
Im sentimental is all.
You look puzzled,
When i show you the card,
You gave.
You shrug and smile. So i read it.
" Roses are red,
  Violets are blue.
  Sugar is sweet.
  And so are you."
But thats not all.
There were more.
At least two.
Handcrafted, with care.
We were kids.
Writing and imagination basic.
No more than expected.
A kiss on the cheek.
In the playground.
It meant nothing,
More than a dare.
It soon came to the end.
Of that school. Moving to another.
Different ones, seperation.
Years pass and no contact. Until that day.
Feelings long forgotten.
Arise again. Causing a pain unbearable in the chest.
Heartbeat unfathomable. Fast.
Friends again, at last.
Problem. Yes.
Your no longer living in the country.
Fighting back tears.
Feelings rises and bubble, just below the surface.
Silently. Scared of ruining something precious.
February 14th.
Valentines. Volcan
:iconmidnight---rose:Midnight---Rose 0 0


Ocean Flower by SachaKalis Ocean Flower :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 5,800 220 Blackout Fun by Fremo-Lupum-XP Blackout Fun :iconfremo-lupum-xp:Fremo-Lupum-XP 9 23
Ghost Writing
The words grew hollow
Meaningless somehow- thinner.
I forgot why I loved
The dusted air of summer.
I forgot why I took
My pen to paper.
I forgot why I chose,
A book of vapour or a written rose.
As all the petals of
Prose fell away.
At the end of the day
I was left with letters.
:iconpenessence:Penessence 146 69
:: Trick or Treat :: by cherriuki :: Trick or Treat :: :iconcherriuki:cherriuki 8,260 586 Little Mermaid vs Hercules by daekazu Little Mermaid vs Hercules :icondaekazu:daekazu 11,758 1,009 Your Childhood Aspirations by Demachic Your Childhood Aspirations :icondemachic:Demachic 5,390 1,017 Only a Minute of Your Time by Phatpuppyart-Studios Only a Minute of Your Time :iconphatpuppyart-studios:Phatpuppyart-Studios 1,341 102
C a n c e r
Benign, malignant
Rooted deep
Such punishment
With silent sleep
You punish what?
Nobody knows
Roulette like shot
With silent growth
You grow inside
With dreams of pain
Stealing life
Cheating the game
A thief of life
Destroying plans
A thief of time
In deaths own hands
:iconb-u-ts:B-U-Ts 7 2
Who you are is what you are
You say you want to run away,
but where will you run?
You say you want to end your life,
but who will you leave behind?
Don't you understand nothing is worth giving up what you have
You say you want to change
But what is there to change?
You say you want to be someone else
But who will you be?
Who you are is perfect, you are no one and no one is you
You say you deserve nothing
but how would you know?
You say everything is going to get worse,
but maybe things will turn for the better
Don't you understand that you will never know,
unless you keep on living
Don't you understand that who you are is special,
that no one will ever replace you
Don't underestimate yourself
Because you are much more then you think
Just know that what you are is not meant to be wasted
:iconblack-heart-scribe:Black-heart-Scribe 6 23
The Cove by Phatpuppyart-Studios The Cove :iconphatpuppyart-studios:Phatpuppyart-Studios 1,459 125
draw it out
Press pen to paper
Let the ink bleed freely like my heart
I know it's the only thing that will save me
Let cold hands that might be my own
Carve out words that the world has never heard
Draw out how life will be
Spell out the reason I live
And the reason I love
Just keep going, and the breath will keep coming
:iconinkstain-fingertips:inkstain-fingertips 9 8
The Moon
They say that all
the Moon wants
is the Sun.
Her carved countenance
so empty
pursues him-
through the vault
of glory. An alabaster effigy,
she dances astral
upon the black silk screen, a
sadness projected on her
lambent     lament,
then he leaves.
The fate of the fairest
of them all- to trail love
strung and celestial
with useless beauty toward
a faint embrace,
as God closes his lid
she is suspended
once more
in angel-hair,
bound in the
a faceless orb
She is the relief of the tired
who cannot sleep. She is the light
of those left with cold
streetlights and concrete
turned steely in the dim.
You told me she saved us
with her own misery. A martyr
of love, a saint. Too unearthly,
too pure for the 2nd circle.
A soul in limbo.
misery was enough
to save us
we would never be lost,
I know.
The moon crawls, ever lonely
in heaven. And I do not understand
:icona-secret-key:a-secret-key 7 18
What you've made me
Bloody pieces of my shattered heart once littered the floor
Pieces that I was unable to put back together
But somehow your love pieced them together
Somehow you made me whole again
Darkness always surrounded me
I was always consumed by the eternal misery
Then you became my light
And guided me back to the lit world
I was once so beaten and broken
So scared to even expose my true torn self to another
But somehow you saw past my every flaw and break
and somehow you made me come out of hiding
I was once just another heart broken girl
unable to ever truly be happy
But now because of you I no longer am broken
Because of you I am now truly happy.
:iconblack-heart-scribe:Black-heart-Scribe 8 9
Use Me
You are in pain, I see your tears
Your God is deaf, no plea he hears
I am not strong, as you can see
But take my hand; please use me
Your burdens are too much for you
I've open arms, I'll bear a few
And when the tears have blinded you
I'll be your eyes, I'll steer you true
My shoulders are small, but they are here
So come to me to cry, my dear
And when you need to talk it out
My ears are here, no need to shout
You feel alone, without a friend
But I am here until the end
:iconerziban:erziban 12 25


This is not my first account but due to problems with people of little faith in me i have deactivated my old account to avoid this person and their cruel ways, but i will not tell people who i am or used to be known as, just in case.


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United Kingdom



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